Nutritional Counseling

Giant Breeds

Giant breeds such as Great Danes, Irish wolfhounds, and giant schnauzers have unique dietary requirements. Very few commercial puppy foods offer the ideal mix of calcium, energy, and protein levels that these breeds need. We can provide you with feeding recommendations that will encourage your dog’s maximum growth potential without causing developmental problems. For added convenience, we also stock veterinary-approved diets for giant breeds.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns regarding your dog’s nutrition or if you would simply like to discuss this topic with us.


It’s easy to get confused or overwhelmed by all the pet foods on the market. We can help you weed through the choices and find a puppy or kitten food that will meet your growing pet’s specific nutritional needs. We even carry many nutritionally balanced, veterinary-approved brands in our clinic.

Feel free to ask us for a food recommendation or to contact us with any nutrition questions or concerns you might have. We’re happy to help!


The calories can really add up when we show our love with too many treats. Obesity in pets is a serious health issue just the same as it is with people. Problems such as arthritis, diabetes and heart disease can shorten their lives significantly. Fortunately, here at Sarasota Veterinary Center, our whole team is knowledgeable on diets and other tools to help you manage your pet's weight back to better health and longer life.

When animals are fed normal pet food and multiple treats, as well as “people food” and table scraps, it isn’t long before they are overweight and eventually downright obese. This affects their heart and lungs, the joints of their legs and all their internal organs. It not only takes years off their life but causes them pain and suffering, as well. The best way to control weight is to manage calories taken in and to burn off excess calories with exercise.

Fortunately, obesity can be prevented predominately by dietary means. Controlling the number of calories consumed can prevent and reverse obesity. This is not to say that you should not exercise your pets, but there are times that it just isn’t possible. Even then, you can make a difference in your pet’s quality of life with calorie control. All it takes is the commitment of the pet owner and a proper diet.

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