Grooming in Sarasota: How-to’s for Bathing Your Pet Properly

Grooming in Sarasota, Do’s and Don’ts!

There is more to bathing a pet than just soap and water! The most important consideration is how your dog or cat responds to a bath and what you can do to make the experience as pleasurable and pain free as possible. Most cats are not fond of water, so it is a good idea to use a slip leash around their necks that you can attach to the faucet of the sink or tub that you are using. I would recommend a nail trimming prior to the bath, as well.

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Your Itching and Scratching Dog. Is it driving your crazy?

Is your pet turning your house into the Itchy and Scratchy show?

Does the jingle, jangle of pet tags keep you awake at night as your pet scratches feverishly at what itches him? Any pet owner who has a pet with allergies or fleas knows what I am talking about. Your Itching and Scratching Dog. Is it driving your crazy? Now there are preventative measures available that can give you and your pet relief.

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Take a Veterinarian’s Advice to Prevent Hair Loss in Your Pet!

Are you taking hair loss in your pet lightly? If yes, you’re dropping the ball!

Many dogs suffer from hair loss. It’s a common disorder in dogs that leads to either partial or complete hair loss. You should be on the lookout for hair loss in your pet. Hair loss in your pet can occur due to health ailments. This condition is also known as alopecia.

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Sudden Death in Cats: Can it happen to You?

Cats can get heartworm disease too!

Many people are familiar with canine heartworm disease, but did you know that it is a serious condition in cats? The symptoms of feline heartworm disease are vague. They can range from a slight cough, vomiting, sluggishness or difficulty breathing. And, of course, the most common-and most terrifying-indicator, which is sudden death in cats.

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Spay or Neuter My Dog – Make the Right Decision!

Spring fever is upon us!

Spring is approaching and the signs of spring fever will soon be popping up everywhere! April showers bring May flowers, and spring fever within our pet population brings unwanted puppy and kitten litters two months later. That is why veterinarians, humane societies and animal rescue groups recommend the spaying and neutering of young pets. This gives us the benefit of population control at a time when animal shelters are overflowing with abandoned and unwanted animals.

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